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2018 MVSSA Q3 Journal

As customary, the third quarter’s issue is dedicated to matters relating to the AGM, which, for the first time, was held as part of the annual conference. Both events were very well attended by members and sympathisers, supported by our faithful and steadfast family of sponsors, and well organised by the public relations team, council, … Continued

2018 MVSSA Q2 Journal

No, this is not the repetition of an old editorial – although the very same question has been asked many times in the pages of this Journal. Today, irrespective of good intentions, the aspiration towards achieving zero harm, a major driving force within our Industry and for which we have been tasked, may remain just … Continued

2018 MVSSA Q1 Journal

The Constitution of the MVSSA wants to “… promote and advance the science and practice of [mine]ventilation engineering…”. This phrase, that has survived several constitutional amendments over the years, was written in the infancy of this profession at a time when it was well understood, wisely so, that mine ventilation is a specialised branch of … Continued

Editorial – Managing by Fear

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This editorial is written by candlelight – and thank goodness for resilient laptop batteries! Yes, it’s power shedding time again in South Africa. A situation to which we are getting used and with which we will be forced to live for months, if not years , to come. The damage to the country’s economy is … Continued