Sink the deepest lift shaft. Come hell or high water.

The fight to sink the deepest single lift shaft in the United States


water_inflow_pockets_resolution_copper in lift shaft

A tough group of miners finally reached the planned bottom of Resolution Copper’s no. 10 exploration shaft in Arizona’s Copper Triangle – 2,116 metres below the surface – in mid-November last year.

It had taken over five years of hard work and creative engineering in very hot, wet conditions to sink America’s deepest single lift shaft. The record-breaking shaft is the first of six deep shafts that are required in order for Resolution Copper to access one of the largest undeveloped copper deposits in the world.

The ore body, seated over two kilometres underground, below the historic Magma mine near Superior, has an Inferred Resource of 1.7 billion tonnes with a 1.52 per cent copper grade. Resolution Copper, a subsidiary of Rio Tinto, plans on mining the porphyry deposit using an enormous panel block caving operation that will produce up to 120,000 tonnes per day of ore during full production.

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