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Meet Our Keynote Speaker - James McColgan

Keynote Speaker James McColgan

James McColgan is Managing Director and founder of Fatigue Management Solutions Ltd., Canada. https://www.fatiguesolutions.ca

Delivering operationally proven and science rooted prevention-based fatigue management consulting services and 21st technologies, James helps 24/7 organisations proactively manage fatigue root causes for improved SHEQ and business outcomes.

Lecturing globally James advises companies, regulatory agencies and industry trade associations on fatigue and its enormous costs and liabilities and on best practice fatigue management.

A leading authority in proactively managing mine-specific fatigue root causes, James introduced superior bio-rosters to South African mines, replacing Kumba’s and BHP Billiton’s high fatigue rosters with alertness promoting bio-rosters that protected operations, improved work/social/sleep balance and created union/staff/company fatigue management partnerships.

He has conducted expert on-site Fatigue Risk Assessments (FRA) for Anglo American, Kumba, BHP Billiton and KMR, that identified fatigue root causes, quantified its enormous costs and confirmed the business case and ROI by adopting recommended best practice fatigue management.

James has designed and delivered broad-based stakeholder supported fatigue management programmes (FMP)
providing ongoing KPI benefits.

Conference Speakers - Day 1

s Bergh 2

Stephan Bergh


Mining and the 4th industrial revolution: South Africa’s transition towards a low carbon, automated and sustainable future.


Davida van der Walt


The 4th Industrial Revolution and the Human Factor

blank person

M Mokwena


More effective use of disposable dust masks

Deon Swanepoel2

Deon Swanepoel


Welding fume exposure and control in Southern Africa.

Conference Speakers - Day 2

Ramakrishna Morla

Ramakrishna Morla


Modelling of DPM dispersion in unventilated dead-end crosscuts using different
cross-cut lengths and adjacent gallery air velocity.


s Bergh 2

Stephan Bergh


Using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software and installing specialised ventilation infrastructure to combat the effects of windblast in a Pillar Extraction section


Bruce Doyle


Eland MTB Ventilation Refrigeration Requirements


Marius Engelbrecht


Underground hydropower station HRR and smoke spread – numerical modelling
and VentSim™ VentFIRE ™ simulation